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We provide all types of clutch problems. Whether your clutch pedal goes to the floor, it is hard to get into gear; the car is leaking fluid, the vehicle won’t move when you let the clutch out, or the clutch is slipping while driving We is here to help; just send us the details or give our mobile mechanic team in adelaide a call.

It’s possible that your car’s clutch needs to be replaced if it’s slipping through gear changes. We can work on your vehicle and provide clutch repair services as mobile mechanics. A clutch is necessary for your car to move and function properly. While driving a manual car without the clutch is possible, it is difficult to start and nearly impossible to change gears. As a result, you will either drive slowly or not at all.

The clutch cable is to blame for the majority of clutch issues. They will break when these become worn, and the clutch pedals will stop working. As a result, your vehicle will be stuck in the last gear you selected or in neutral. When the engine slows down and stops without a clutch, it will stall. When the car has come to a complete stop, shift into neutral and push it to a safe location.

You won’t have to transport your car to a separate location if a mobile mechanic like us provides services to your vehicle. We can service your vehicle on the spot, whether it’s at your home or work. In most cases, a clutch repair can be done outside of our workshop, but we’ll need our workshop’s equipment for larger jobs, such as a complete clutch replacement. A workshop is most of the time required because the clutch is located between the gearbox and the engine. In most cases, the gearbox will need to be removed. We can, however, arrange for your vehicle to be transported to our facility.

Most of the time, determining your car’s clutch problem is simple. It’s possible that you’ll need to press harder on the clutch pedal to make changes or that the gears will crunch no matter what you do. You’ll hear a loud thump when a clutch cable breaks, and the pedal will be very light to push in because it’s not connected to anything.

While some clutch problems are obvious, a thorough inspection is often required to determine what is causing the problem. We can fix anything with your clutch, but a full inspection at our workshop may be required. Often, the clutch must be removed from the vehicle in order to diagnose the problem and complete the clutch replacement or repair.

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When to Change the Clutch Plate of a Car?

A spongy feeling when you push in the pedals or the gears grinding and not changing smoothly are both signs that you need a clutch replacement. When you have trouble changing gears or the clutch pedal feels like it is shaking and shuddering, you may have a clutch that is ‘about to go.’

Depending on the driver, a clutch can wear out more quickly depending on the driver; if you tend to drop or ride the clutch, it will wear out more quickly. If you frequently change gears and grind the gears, the clutch and gears will wear out faster than usual. You can make the clutch last longer by changing your driving style, and thus the time between repairs will be longer.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention. Any clutch issues should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid a complete failure and leaving you stranded on the side of the road. In most cases, the clutch will degrade gradually, and you will be aware that something is wrong. You can schedule an appointment with Lube Mobile, and we will come to your vehicle to inspect the clutch and make recommendations for clutch repair.

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